Sunfish...sun fin spectacular!!

Sunfish spotted from on board Atlantic Diver

 On what should have been a seal spotting day where the seals are the stars of the show..we saw a fintastic 21 Sunfish  from on board "Atlantic Diver"....they were totally amazing , we looked down at them .looking back up at us. The becalmed sea allowed for excellent photo opportunities. At first we spotted the thin tall dorsal fin flap backwards and forwards, then the huge head with tiny tail. Feeding on Jellyfish in the planktonic soup , we spotted them mostly in singles but also  in pairs. a couple even demonstrated a few magnifiscant  breaches!! Known as Mola Mola ... the boniest fish in the sea come intoday our waters when the water temp raises during the summer months and the zoo plankton is plentiful. A pod of Common Dolphins with young calves joined us for our last safari .Just hoping for a few baskers now.keen spotters record Sunfish sighting from Atlantic Diversunfishsunfish turning on side to swim back down

 Grey Seals Hauled out