Sunshine and Dolphins

Common Dolphin...possibly long beaked from Atlantic Diver

Wow Sunshine and no fewer than 5 seperate pods of Common Dolphins today off Newquay aboard "Atlantic Diver"...we were totally spoiled with The Cornwall Wildlife Trust evening Newquay Sea Safari Boat Trip still enjoying a pod of about 15 right to love Dolphins today. We also saw Two seperate Sunfish. Sunfish

 Chris spotted this group of balloons from the harvester restaraunt ...Turtles and other marine Wildlife mistake them for jellyfish and swallow them , fill their stomaches so they feel full and don't eat and eventually starve. Guess what.. we pulled them in and popped them...ballons aren't fun when this happens!! Also retrieved a black plastic bag of rubbish from a French Trawler...Newquay harbour Fishermen are carrying out "Fishing For Litter"..collecting litter from the sea and bringing it back on shore to discard safely away from marine life..more for the skip!Harvester Restaurant Balloon RubbishChris Lowe Picks up Litter at Sea to Prevent Harm to Marine Wildlife