Getting Lucky with Dolphins in Newquay

 Common Dolphins hunting off newquay during diving trip

Dolphin swimming off Newquay

Came across this amazing pod of Common Dolphins whilst on route to a dive this lucky are we!! They were hunting around us for about 2 hours and played with "Atlantic Diver " on and off whilst we waited for the slack water...what beautiful creatures, we are so lucky to live in Newquay and experience the marine wildlife here...the dolphins were looking up at the divers as they looked down over the bow of the boat and turning on their sides eyeballing right back again...awesome ....just awesome...!!!!   Jay one of our divers videoed as they swam or should I say flew across our Bow Wave. He edited all of our collective footage and produced this amazing footage for us to share with you guys..thanks Jay..we love it cool

We are Master WiSe ( Wildlife Safe) boat operator which means we watch wildlife without causing disturbance, so it was great to watch them hunt from a distance and then they interacted with us when they wanted to....and they were curious...this is the best way to watch wildlife so you don't interfer with their feeding..its so rewarding to watch their hunting techniques.

Master WiSe Accredited boat operators in NewquayJay.. Diver whom produced Dolphins in Newquay  Movie

 Amy then saw the Dolphin turn on its side and look right back up at her....this is always a tearful moment when you get direct eye contact with a DolphinNewquay Dolphin looking right back at Amy over  bow of "Alantic Diver"

 Chris giving his safety talk....trying to look cool for the picChris Lowe..skipper of "Atlantic Diver" in NewquayBeautiful Gannet

 Beautiful Gannets also passed by and a few blue jellyfish further off shore.Blue jelly fish

 and as always lovely Trunk back home in newquay Harbour....Trunk came over to investigate the cameraTrunk Newquay Grey Seal comes over to investigate camera