Dolphins on Starboard Side

Tony watches Common Dolphin from Bow of" Atlantic Diver" about 20 miles from Newquay

Busy week this week and lucky us dolphins seen out on boats most days. Whilst out doing some C-Pod retrieval ..a device which carries out cetacean acoustic monitoring...and a bird survey...who should pop up on "Atlantic Diver's "starboard side but a beautiful Common Dolphin. They were 7 of them casually hunting right next to the boat...What a huge distraction from our bird porpoised out of the sea a couple of times , crashing and belly flopping back down .totally awesome.Matt and Chris retrieve C-Pod..dolphin listening deviceCommon Dolphin arrives on starboard side of "Atlantic Diver"Matt and Tony look for more dolphins

 rounded top to dorsal fin

Beautiful Common Dolphins came right up to Atlantic Diver of NewquayDolphins off Newquay Hunting in small groups