Dolphin Tail Walking ..just like "Flipper"


Common Dolphin Tail Walking ..."Flipper Style" during Atlantic Diving Boat Trip off Newquay

Atlantic Diver was out on a Dive trip with Somerset divers on Sunday and came across this amazing Scene of Common Dolphins Tail Walking during what appeared to be a hunting strategy. The story has been picked up by localpress as it is such an unusual thing to see.

Common Dolphins spotted from onboard "Atlantic Diver"

It was a spectacular day and both "Atlkantic Diver" and "Atantic Explorer" were out the the Flaming June sunshine. The sea was becalmed so we saw all manner of birds including a Puffin, a pod of 20 Common Dolphins, A Harbour Porpoise and 8 Grey Seals

Off shore there were lots of harmless and beautiful Moon Jellyfish which means there is plenty of plankton about ...great for potential Basking Shark sightings!! Here of some of the Dolphin and seal pics I'd like to share with you....

Moon Jellyfish...harmless

Grey Seal semi resident to Newquay Harbour

Semi resident seal in Newquay harbour ..looks like Bolt or Splash

Seal Bananaing during Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Sea Safari

Dophin Breathing out air through Blow Hole as it Surfaces

Somerset Divers watch Dolphins and are Thrilled

 A few Dolphins swam across to "Atlantic Diver"