Lundy Island Net Entangled Seal

Who Said Seals don't play togetherNet Entangled Female Weaner ( copyright Becky McDonald )

Sad news that a female seal pup that was rescued, rehabilitated and released back in the New Year by British Divers Marinelife Rescue Marine Mammal Medics and RSPCA West Hatch had turned up at Lundy Island....(a Special Area of Conservation and Marine Conservation Zone and idealic conditions  for Grey Seals)...with thick blue netting entangled around her neck. The Lundy Island Wardens were extremely concerned for her well being and through BDMLR and Sue Sayer of Cornwall Seal Group organised a visit to the island so that BDMLR Medics could attampt a rescue.British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics at Ilfracombe

Chris admiring Verity...a superb statue guarding Ilfracoombe

BDMLR Medics on ferry

Beautiful Cove ...great for seals to hunt fish

Medics gather at Ilfracombe about to board  the ferry the "Oldenberg" to cross the Bristol Channel to Lundy Island where the Wardens were investigating some blue netting they found on the beach which looked suspiciously like the netting around the seal's neck...could the seal have broken free....we spent the next 4 hours quietly observing the seals who were, logging, playing and hunting in breath takingly beautiful coves around the beaches . Photos were taken so that Sue Sayer who holds an enormous Photo ID data base of Grey Seals who attempt to id the seals to see if indeed the West hatch seal was finally free.

Female Grey Seal

This maybe the Net entangled weaner...minus the net!!

We watched as adult females and juveniles passed by...ahh what a lovely way to spend a day....we now await the results and thank all involved in the attempted rescue including the ferry staff .

Bottling SealChilled out Juvenile seal

 And Relax!!....