Basking Sharks Are Back off NEWQUAY


Basking Shark Feeding Mouth Wide Open

Stunningly calm conditions at sea allowed us to have not only a superb dive but an unbelievably great view of a 5m Basking Shark whilst on the return journey to Newquay Harbour. We spotted a shiney Dorsal Fin on  "Atlantic Diver's " port side and after waiting patiently ,engines stopped ,the Gentle Giant , the second largest SHARK in the world , cruised slowly in circular patterns around us , feeding, mouth wide open, on the plankton that  lay heavy in the becalmed sea. Its cartilage bones inside its mouth were so white they were almost  iridescent!...Spooky!! The awe struck crew took pics for the Shark Trust Basking Shark fin Photo ID. Its fin was slightly damaged which will allow for easier reidentification and seemed to have some parasites dragging behind. Its snout was also scarred. A lucky sighting as it frequently feed just beneath the surface. Its always good practise to slow down when moving through these plankton rich areas ,to avoid damaging these immense and protected creatures.

Please click on link below for the Basking Shark Code of Conduct for boat users or snorkellers

BDorsal Fin pic ideal for Photo IDDorsal and Tail Fin of a Basking Shark Break the Ocean Surface

Several Basking Sharks have been feeding at surface just off Newquay , for the past few days and Guilford divers were fortunate enough to be out aboard Atlantic Diver" and see them on all three days, and captured underwater images of the beautiful sharks ....with many thanks to Simon and Kate for use of the underwater pics. Many thanks too to the Newquay cCmmercial Fishermen and Charterboat Skippers who are sending in sightings.

Imagine a 7m shark swimming past, mouth closed and looking right at you...the most exhilarating experience EVER!!! The shark appeared right over the wreck and fed briefly there, long enough for divers to record for us.

Basking Shark snout close up , copyright Kate Guilford Divers taken from Atlantic DiverBasking Shark underwater copyright Simon Brown

Just off the Newquay Headland , this bony Ocean Sunfish breached clean out of the water , right alongside "Atlantic Diver" swam at the surface Dorsal Fin flapping for several minutes , giving us all chance to take some superb pics. The Sunfish are feeding off the Plankton too. We have seen several over the past few days.

Ocean Sunfish

The visibility above and below the sea were superb...ahhh! what a fantastic day to be at sea!

Looking forward to this week's fine weather  and to seeing what else we are going to spot.

stunning weather at sea for divingwater viz superb look at the shot line