Fintastic Blue Shark Cage Diving off Newquay

 Yacht racing past Atlantic Diver just off Newquay

We began our Blue Shark Cage Diving Expedition on an amazing calm , hot, balmy summer's day....yes I do mean in the Newquay ...deep out to sea where 32 of our British Sharks dwell . Our Shark enthusiasts boarded "Atlantic Diver" in Newquay harbour and off we sped passing Yachts racing and Dolphins playing...this was set to be a spectacular day!

Chris prepares the Rubbie Dubbie ready to attract the Sharks to Atlantic Diver! Good job this isn't Smellivision.

Chris prepares Rubbie Dubbie ready for UK Shark Cage Dive

After only a short wait our first Blue Shark appeared...We watched in amazement as the 2.5m Blue Shark attacked the Rubbie Dubbie bag and tore it to shreds just below the surface of the water, its tail fin thrashing around with immense power....absolutely AWESOME!! viewing

 Chris Holds up "Rubbie Dubbie" Bag Totally Shredded by the Shark!!! 2.5m Blue Shark tearing at Rubbie Dubbie just beneath the surface of the water

Shark enthusiasts enjoying the Shark Cage waiting for next Shark to appear..earlier Divers were lucky enough to see two Common Dolphins swim right passed the cage...jealous !!

 Blue Shark Cage Divers in Shark Cage on board Atlantic Diver

Common Dolphins were feeding a short distance from Atlantic Diver all day and provided great entertainment whilst we waited for the shark. A cute pod passed with a nursery of calves and had all of us cooing!Common Dolphins Porpoise past"Atlantic Diver" at great speed

A Pod of Common Dolphins with a Nursery of Calves swim past Atlantic Diver

A few Blue Jellyfish floated past the cage and allowed us to explore their beautiful structure.

Beautiful Blue JellyfishCage Diving in the Uk on a Beautiful Summer's DayShark Enthusiast Ian on first of his "Atlantic Diving Shark Expeditions"

And sadly we had to say goodbye to Leyla...our Newquay Marine College ,Marine Conservation Work Experience student. Thanks for a couple of great weeks, she has experienced all weathers on the boat this summer and will no doubt join our team again soonsmiley...good luck next year.

Marine Conservation Student "Leyla" last day of work experience on board Atlantic Diver