Marine Protected Areas

Basking Shark ...the Second Largest Shark in the World and hereoff Newquay .. feeding on PlanktonEco Tourism has Great Education and Economic Value to manySpectacular Pods of Common Dolphins Foraging off NewquayDiverse Marine Wildlife Off the Newquay Coast

127 Marine protected areas are preposed around our Uk coastline...they will only happen if we support the proposition...Please give your support and click on the link below to sign the petition and leave a comment to have your say about where and how they should be.This is for everyone to comment ...members of the public, boat users, fishermen, potters, jetskiers, kayakers, surfers, swimmers, coasteerers...anyone with a passion for the sea and whats in it!..thanks

 "Trunk" a beautiful Grey Seal Semi- resident to Newquay