Basking Shark off Newquay

7m Basking Shark with Dorsal Fin nik..Copyright Colin LinneBasking Shark feeding on Zoo Plankton on Reef just outside Newquay Harbour...copyright Colin Linne

Friday the 13th saw the arrival of another 7m Basking Shark. Colin Linne was skippering "Bootlegger" on a 2 hour Mackerel Fishing Trip on a reef just off Newquay Harbour when he and lucky pasengers spotted the Dorsal Fin breaking the water's surface as the huge shark fed open mouthed, filtering the Zoo Plankton through its gill rakers. Unusually the shark had a nik taken out of its Dorsal Fin which will make it easier to re identify on the Basking Shark photo ID Data Base. Many thanks to Colin and Crewman Graham for recording and forwarding these pics. Watch this space to see if the shark is already known to the Shark Trust or Cornwall Wildlife Trust.