Blue Shark Cage Divng

Sharks Diver watching Bottlenose Dolphins from onboard "Atlantic Diver"

The huge dark shape of the beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins caught our eye as we left Newquay harbour....lucky us!! This was to be the start of a very good few days seeing Bottlenose Dolphins ,Seals , Sunfish, Harbour Porpoise, Common Dolphins and Basking Sharks!Bottlenose Dolphins

First sighting of the day began right outside Newquay Harbour, just off the Headland . Lucky Sharks Divers spotted a pod of 8 Bottlenose Dolphins actively feeding. They love "Atlantic Diver's twin hulls so much , 5 of them broke away and swam infont of the boat for a short period, surfing in the bow waves much to the delight of passengers before returning to their more important job of foraging as Atlantic Diver steamed 20 miles out to sea on our Blue Shark Cage Diving expedition.Juvenile Bottlenose Dolphin just off NewquayPod of inshore Bottlenose Dolphins with JuvenilesShark Cage Diver off Atlantic DiverPods of Common Dolphins deep sea off Newquay20

Pods of Common Dolphins on route to Shark site

20 miles offshore...and far away from any possible swimmers or surfers , Would-be Shark Divers assisted preparing the "Rubbie Dubbie" ....good job this isn't smellivision!!Rubbie Dubbie volunteerSisiters Cage Diving in the two man Shark CageShark Cage deployed off "Atlantic Diver"

The warm fronts coming in from the Gulf Stream have seen the arrival of the Sunfish...we have had several sightings during the cage diving days. On most of the Blue Shark Cage Diving Trips we have had the wonderful experience of watching pod after pod of Common Dolphins, sometimes playing in Atlantic Diver's bow waves and also demonstrating their incredible hunting skills, tail lobbing and porpoising high out of the water...SPECTACULAR ...with all having small calves and juveniles with themSunfish investigates "Rubbie Dubbie" bag close to Atlantic DiverMore pods of Common Dolphins actively hunting off Newquay Cage Diving Snorkeller

and the adorable semi resident Grey  Seals Medallion Man , Trunk and Dr Who are mostly always there to greet us on return from our "Deep Ocean Adventure" Don't you just love this job!!!!Medallion Man Newquay Grey Sealwere