Seal Survey

Seal Surveyors take in Spectacular SceneryThis

What a fantastic day we had during the Seal Survey today. Seals, Common Dolphins, Gannets, Razorbills, Guilliemots and our first Sunfish of the season all spotted from on board "Atlantic Diver" with the best crew of Wildlife Surveyors...What a fabulous job:0)). Its a great time of year to be out at sea as the seals move around their haul out sites and the sea birds are in breeding on the rocks. Common Dolphins swimming passed with their young hugging in close to their mother's side . The water temp has finally increased and we saw several fronts on the sea surface where plankton was gathering providing food for the fish and ultimately the dolphins. Basking Sharks should follow shortly!!

This pod of Common Dolphins had 1 juvenile and 1 very small calf with them. They were porpoising out of the water and corralling and herding the fish up. It was amazing to see them working together as a pod.A Pod of Common Dolphins HuntingWe We had just a few minutes before the start of the Seal Survey for a quick peek at the "Mathew" moored up outside Newquay Harbour . It caused quite a stir as we thought a Pirate Ship had come to Newquay. She had been to the Diamond Jubilee in London and was on her return journey to Bristol. We wish her friendly crew a safe return journey and thank them for sharing  their stunning ship.

The sea was beautifully flat calm today which allowed us to easily spot for marine wildlife . We came across this juvenile Gannet with its patchy black wings. It looked huge sat on the sea's surface.The "Mathew" moored up outside Newquay HarbourJuvenile GannetSpot the Seal in this Pic

Spot the seal in this pic...really difficult isn't it? The little juvenile seal is over to the left of the pic. They are so well camouflaged, we nearly missed this one. Below two beautiful Grey Seals hauled out on the rocks. Looks like a male and female. These pics were taken with a zoom lens so we didn't disturb them into the sea. Seals need to haul out so its important not to disturb them.Grey Seals hauled out on Rrocks