Medallion Man Sleeping Under Water Video

Medallion Man swimming near to Newquay Harbour

Chris and I were snorkelling today near to Newquay harbour when we swam right over the top of Medallion Man , Newquay's Semi-resident Grey Seal. He was fast asleep on the sea bed bottom, right next to a bed of kelp. It was really funny as the slight swell was rolling slightly backwards and forwards much in the same motion as  a baby's cot would swing. He continued to snooze gently and then meerly peeped at us through one open eye before returning to his slumber. Lack of breath meant he returned to surface occassionally and at one point he hauled out on a close by rock and rolled onto his back for a real good back scratch...just like a big bear would do up and down a tree trunk. We amused him for a few seconds as he lolled off the slippery rock and over to us before again returning to log on the sea bed bottom....I Love MM!!!

Click on link below for you tube footage of him asleep on the seabed bottom