Dolphin Bycatch Worry

Dead Juvenile Common Dolphin...sadly possible bycatch

Experts are concerned about the number of by -caught Dolphins being washed up onto our beaches dead after becoming caught in fishing nets. Sadly often Cetacean, Seals and Turtles become entangled in fishing gear and die from Asphyxiation. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust are trialing Pingers which are devices that attach to the gear and emit sounds audible to the cetacean, in the hope that it will deter them from the net. Members of the public can report sightings of dead Dolphins, seals etc to  their hotline number:0845 201 2626 .For more info please click the link below:

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We can help by trying to purchase our fish supplies from dolphin friendly sources. It was really sad when Chris and I recorded the details of this little baby...It still had its soft baby dorsal fin , which told us it was a neonate.