Bottlenose Dolphins are back!

Bottlenose Dolphins Porpoising out of the sea spotted from" Atlantic Diver"

Bottlenose Dolphins Play in "Atlantic Diver "bow wave just outside Newquay Harbour

Bottlenose Dolphins..Mother and last years Calf feeding off Newquay


These Bottlenose Dolphins hunting in style, porpoising high out of the sea!

Bottlenose Dolphin Mother and calf follow "Atlantic Diver"

Pod of 5 Bottlenose Dolphins feeding outside Newquay Harbour

Beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins were back feeding in Newquay Bay on Saturday. Lucky Brentwood Selo Sub Aqua Club were lucky enough to see them ride the "Atlantic Diver" bow wave as they approached Newquay Harbour. A pod of 5 including a juvenile / calf were foraging and herding what we think was sand eel. Occassionally they leap clean out of the water...simply AMAZING acrobatics!cool

After Sunday's storms, we hope they survived the unbelievable crashing waves that sank 3 boats in the harbour...devastating. The Life Boat Crew and other Harbour Users fought hard to salvage what they could. Deep respect for the sea when you see it change so quickly!