Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphin in Newquay BayBottlenose Dolphin herding fish 

What a lovely suprise today..Chris spotted a small pod of Bottlenose Dolphins in Newquay Bay, just outside of Newquay Harbour. We identified 2 dark adults and 1 pale juvenile. They appeared to be hunting, herding the fish into shallower water by tail slapping the water's surface. It was obviously a very serious moment as there was no play involved at all. We had a spectacular "Newquay Sea Safari", right from the harbour wall. Today was a day I really enjoyed painting  "Bounty"  Smile

A little juvenile seal "Radley"was hunting for fish just outside of Newquay Harbour too. Isn't she cute??"Radley" the new juvenile seal....and and of course we couldn't forget our old favourite..."Trunk" ,a semi resident female grey seal who reguarly visits Newquay Harbour shes back...and looking gorgeous tucking into some fish frames....Welcome back!

Trunk is back