Liferaft Service


.Liferaft open and begins to inflateEd Banyard tests Liferaft 

Another fun overwinter job is to service "Atlantic Diver's"  liferaft. At Liferafts and Inflatables, Ed Banyard offers an amazing service and even invites customers to see their Liferaft inflated. This gives an ideal opportunity for skippers and crew to familiarize ourselves with the life saving piece of equipment. We open the liferaft box and begin to inflate. It has two tubes for safety that inflate one at a time.  A bag full of emergency survival kit is checked too and amusingly, it contains a SMALL handpump....skipper Chris immediately allocates possible job of  keeping raft well inflated to Annabelle in the guise of "It will keep you warm love!"...hmmm I pulled the short straw there then!Luckerly this one inflates with a compressed gas cylinder and the job is done in seconds. For more info about the process please click on link below:

A few hours later on the same day Ed and his team have the Liferaft back to Atlantic Diver and we are ready for sailing the ocean wide again. Passengers can feel safe that crew are confident in the deployment and handling of the liferaft.

Ever wonder what it looks like  being deployed at sea...check out ed's website for some video action...enjoy!  Please click on the link below:  Fully inflated Liferaft fills the roomSpacious interior of Atlantic Diver's Liferaft