Guillemots Under Threat

Hundreds of Breeding Guillemots on safety of precarious ledge

NewquayMarine College Wildlife SurveyNewquay College Students counted well over 200 Guillemots at  a breath takingly beautiful, isolated island North of Newquay Harbour whilst carrying out a Cetaecean, Grey Seal and Marine Bird Survey aboard Atlantic Diver. Gannets dived, seals swam close to the rocky outcrops and Guillemots flew past Jurrasic style calling their  cheery "a-orrr" sound. Colonies like this , Cetaceans and Basking Sharks are often protected by the "Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981" but a new move by Hardliners to change the law so the protection stops could mean many of our British wildlife loose the vital legal protection they need to keep populations safe and healthy and free from harassment. 38 degrees hope to come to the rescue and are requesting signatures to support their petition to lobby the government to keep their promise of protecting our wildlife. Check it out on the following link and join hundreds of others working to keep them safe. . A Big thanks to Dave for bringing it to our attention.