New Year Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins an awesome spot off "Atlantic Diver" on today's seal survey

Awesome Happy New Year at sea today as we spotted 8 Bottlenose Dolphins off St Ives in glorious Cornish Winter "Sunshine". Atlantic Diver was loaded with delighted Wildlife Surveyers who were treated to a  wildlife extravaganza of Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Grey Seals, Guillemots, Razorbills, Gannets Diving, Kittiwake, Raven, Mediterranean Gulls, Rock Pippet and Little Egret...and unbelievably a Barrel Jellyfish.

Dolphins Following Atlantic Diver close to boat

Mike enjoying awsome Dolphins bow riding Atlantic Diver

The Dolphins were hunting and Playing today and followed our boat along the survey for some 30 minutes and were bow riding the front of "Atlantic Diver" from time to time using their tail flukes to bat the hulls from side to side.

Up close and personal Dolphin porpoises close to boat on their terms

Detailed fin pic for Photo Identification

We took images of their fins to carry out Photo Identification. Each Dolphin has a unique fin shape, markings or nicks missing as seen in images here and this helps us to identify each individual .

Different fin ...Different Dolphin

Short Beak of Bottlenose Dolphin emerging from sea as it porpoises

Our winter 2 hour  Sea Safaris are continuing throughout the season weather permitting and as is proven today are as exciting as the summer months. A basking shark was spotted off Penzance just before christmas...a rare sighting but with wildlife anything can again tomorrow...still hoping for Orca Sighting which we have seen in the past at this time of year between Newquay and Padstow. Anyone interested in joining these special approx 6 hour surveys should contact us for details and dates.

Sea Birds perched on spectacular North Cornwall Rock off Newquay