Newquay Sea Safaris


2 HOUR TRIP: Daily - Adult £20/child £15

Our most popular Sea Safari, leaves old historical Newquay harbour frequently visited by the famous Newquay Grey Seals. Learn their names and how to identify them before cruising off along the rugged Cornish coastline past the world famous surfing Fistral Beach, stopping to view birds, marine wildlife and crabbing boats whilst learning about Newquay’s Maritime History and the plight of our marine habitat.

At Seal Cove watch the seals in their natural environment before speeding out to deeper ocean for more off shore wildlife encounters to complete your Thrilling Adventure!... Spot for dolphins, Basking sharks, Sunfish, Harbour Porpoise and a huge array of sea birds or watch the Skipper haul his lobster pots. Every day experiences different encounters and sea states so this is a trip that will delight every time.

Seal spotting trips.
Newquay Harbour Seals often follow the
Atlantic Diver back into harbour.
Seal spotting trips.
Cornish Grey Seals basking in the sun on
rocks near Newquay Harbour.
On Newquay Sea Safaris dolphins and porpoises often swim along side the boat.
Dolphins swimming with the Atlantic Diver.


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A glimpse into the underwater world of kelp forests and parks, packed with fish, crustacean, sea anenomes, sponges, muscles and limpets. A diver recovery lift aboard Atlantic Diver allows effortless entrance/exit to the water.

Learn about the marine Ecology, Plankton and Human impacts whilst in a stunning Cornish cove or Rocky outcrop.

Snorkel kit, wet suit and hot drinks included in price.


3 HOUR TRIP: Adult £50/child £40 (viewing only £45)

Join us for the rare opportunity to have an awesome Basking Shark Experience.
Steam out to the location sharks last seen ,spot for the huge dorsal fin breaking the water’s surface as they feed and enjoy watching or if conditions are favourable …snorkel with the worlds second largest shark! Snorkelling kit, wetsuit, hot drinks and biscuits included in the price.

Skipper runs these trips in strict accordance to the Shark Trust’s “Basking Shark Code Of Conduct” and therefore as with all of our trips we ask you not to touch the sharks or use flash when taking photos.

Children under 16  are not permitted to snorkell with sharks but are able to" Shark Watch" from onboard.

Basking Sharks are regular visitors to the Cornish Coast


8 HOUR TRIP: £105 (June, July, August September)

A fast steam out to approx 15-20 miles where the crew prepare the chum to attract the sharks to the boat. Birds and other marine wildlife buzz the chum slick whilst we spot for the inquisitive, sleek, beautiful Blue Shark! Those wishing to access the Shark Cage can do so directly via open side door and snorkel -(no diving experience required)
Peering through the cage’s viewing window for a glimpse of this Awesome Ocean Top Predator!
Passengers leave this trip Exhilarated and Knowledgeable as to the plight of our British Sharks and how they can help to conserve them.

Dates for 2016 are;

Sorry but all of our 2016 dates are now full

keep watching for dates for next year

 These are the only dates available for 2016 and places are limited to 10 people per trip. So why not book a trip for your loved one for Christmas !!

However some dates may be available as a private charter, so please call for availability.

Price includes Snorkelling kit, wetsuit, hot drinks and biscuits.

  • Sightings of wildlife are not guaranteed as the wildlife we work with are not caged
  • Trips subject to change/cancellation at short notice due to adverse weather
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to trip leaving
  • No consumption of alcohol permitted if entering the sea
  • Waiver declaration signature required for all snorkel encounters

"Cornwall is almost an island. This varied coastline supports an internationally important array of maritime wildlife. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream flow from the south and mix with the cooler northern waters, so that Cornwall supports many species on land and sea which are at the edge of their climatic ranges."

Newquay Sea Safaris conduct regular research and marine studies via their links with the local Newquay Marine College, Cornwall Wildlife Trust,Cornwall Seal Group, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, CWT Marine Strandings , The Shark Trust and Shark Conservation Society. Atlantic Diver currently maintains and deploys C-Pods a device to record cetacean ( Dolphin ,Whale, Harbour Porpoise, Orca) communication underwater and carries out lobster hatchery diver release.