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Spectacular Fin Whale

Fin Whale surfacing near Atlantic Diver

Marine Protected Areas

Basking Shark ...the Second Largest Shark in the World and hereoff Newquay .. feeding on Plankton

Basking Shark off Newquay

7m Basking Shark with Dorsal Fin nik..Copyright Colin LinneBasking Shark feeding on Zoo Plankton on Reef just outside Newquay Harbour...copyright Colin Linne

Blue Shark Cage Divng

Sharks Diver watching Bottlenose Dolphins from onboard "Atlantic Diver"

The huge dark shape of the beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins caught our eye as we left Newquay harbour....lucky us!! This was to be the start of a very good few days seeing Bottlenose Dolphins ,Seals , Sunfish, Harbour Porpoise, Common Dolphins and Basking Sharks!Bottlenose Dolphins

Basking Shark Watch

Scillonian off to the Isles of Scillies braving force 5-6Chris on continual Basking Shark WatchBeautiful GannetsRock and Meadow Pippets flew right next to us" style="width: 600px

Seal Survey

Seal Surveyors take in Spectacular SceneryThis

Risso's Dolphin Live Stranding!!!! Rescue

Risso's Dolphin Stranded live on Perranporth Beach

A Beautiful male Risso's Dolphin Stranded today on Perranporth Beach...kind members of the public called British Divers Marine Life Rescue hotline..01825 765 546 and were adviseed how to care for it whilst they waited for Marine Mammal Medics to arrive!

Basking Sharks are HERE!!

Happy Birthday AbbyHappy Crew after Atlantic Diving "Swimming with Basking Sharks"Up Close and Personal....Shark swims right passed Atlantic Diving SnorkellersHuge Dorsal Fin of the Basking S</p>

Which Seal??

Big Bull Seal in Newquay Harbour YesterdayIs this Dr Who?Gorgeous Grey Seal in Newquay Harbour


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