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Newquay Sea Safari to St Agnes

Sun begins to set over Bawden Rocks

We had an immensly enjoyable Sea Safari for the St Agnes Marine Conservation Group this week. The sun was shining all the way to St Agnes and all manner of Breeding Sea Birds were out including this Bridled Guillemot. Its the first time I've seen one this far West. It was sitting on the ocean in a small raft of Guilies just waiting to be spotted. Our sighting has been sent off to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust as we are a Master Wise acredited boat operator.

Fishing for Litter

Huge Trawl Net Recovered as Fishing For Litter by Ben Lowe of "Newquay Crab"

Newquay Boat Trips


Mackerel Fishing in Newquay abaord Atlantic Explorer

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Boat Trips are going out every day now (weather permitting) . Crew and passengers of both "Atlantic Diver" and "Atlantic Explorer" have been enjoying the incredibly beautiful sunshine which has been bathing the Newquay coastline in glorious sunshine. Newquay really has been living up to her title of "Coast of Dreams"


Trunk Newquay Seal

I just thought I would share with you this beautiful picture of trunk from today. She is a semi resident seal that reguarly comes into Newquay Harbour. This was taken at the stern of our boat "Atlantic Diver" while we waited to get moorings after a beautiful calm Sea Safari with some fabulous passengers.

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Giant Gobies in Newquay


Giant Goby in NewquayGiant Goby with Matt Slater

How Hard is it to Find a Stalk Jelly


Shore Crab in Berry

Cornish Seals and Dolphin Delights in Newquay


 Merky Water after storms revealing Dolphins at the last moment

 Bottlenose Dolphins in Newquay

Dolphins put in an amazing appearance today at the end of a Seal Survey and completely stole the show.

Here is the video Chris (Atlantic Diver's skipper) took

Newquay Marine Group's First Boat Trip

Newquay Marine Group out on Newquay Sea safaris and Fishing Sea Safari Boat Trip

Rocky Shore Sea Search Training

 Beadlet Anemone

Strawberry Anemone


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