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Easter Dolphins Chatting

Bottle Nose Dolphin Swimming around Atlantic Diver

Dolphins galore on Easter Day as Common Dolphins Bow ride "Atlantic Explorer" and let out excited clicks and sounds as they communocate with each other when the boat stopped....absolutely wonderful. We have been seeing lots of dolphins on our trips throughout the winter like this Bottle Nose Dolphin above  but the becalmed Easter weather is allowing us to spot them more easily. Trips are running daily at the present .This is some of Chris's iphone video

Easter Newquay Fishing Bonanza

Happy Anglers during Easter newquay Fishing Trip

catch of pollack

Cover Girl Seal

"Cover Girl" Grey Seal spotted during Padstow Sea Safari

Couldn't resist blogging this utterly beautiful young female grey seal named "Cover Girl" spotted during Seal Survey and Ghost Gear Survey on North Cornwall Coast . She was quite curious and watched us watching her from aboard "Atlantic Diver", to the delight of all passengers onboard. 

New Year Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins an awesome spot off "Atlantic Diver" on today's seal survey

We Won The GOLD !! at Cornwall Tourism Awards

Cornwall Tourism Awards Logo...a Gold for Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing

OMG...We did it!!!  Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing won Gold at the prestigious Cornwall Tourism Awards last night , hosted at the iconic and our  favourite hotel..The Headland Hotel.

Cornwall Tourism Awards

Iconic Celtic Bottlenose Dolphins being enjoyed from on board "Atlantic Diver" in Newquay Bay

Tonights the big night. Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing are Finalists for the Cornwall Tourism Awards sooo..tonight we discover WHO have won the Bronze, Silver or Gold award for the Wildlife and marine Attraction of the Year 2014-2015. 

Risso's Dolphins off Newquay

 Risso's Dolphins by Adrian Langdon seen off North Cornwall

Spectacular sighting today of 15 RISSO'S DOLPHINS off Newquay. from on board "Atlantic Explorer"..thats three times we've seen them in the space of three weeks...absolutely stunning. This image was captured by the very talented Adrian Langdon who saw them a short time after at Port Isaac whilst spotting for Common Dolphins..check out more of his images on

3000 Lobster Hatchery Larvae Released


Pregnant Female Grey Seal

Gorgeous Pregnant Female Grey Seal hauled out on rocks during sea safari today during which we released another 3000 Lobster Larvae from the Padstow Lobster Hatchery.Grey Seal Hauled out during Atlantic Diver sea safari

BBC and Barrel Jellyfish

Barrel Jellyfish Filmed by BBC off "Atlantic Diver"

Well what a week...there has been a massive Jellyfish Hype with Barrel jellies being the main star of the show..the BBC, Sunday Times, Childrens' BBC and Skye T.V...all filming off "Atlantic Diver"  in Newquay Bay this week...phew pressure to find them then!!

SHARK!! Tope Suprise

Tope caught on Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing Trip

This Amazing SHARK ...was caught whilst on a fishing trip off Newquay on board "Atlantic Explorer"  today. Skipper Derek Applewhite said it was about 5 feet long and weighed approximately 35lbs. The anglers were only a short distance offshore when the chance catch happened as they were trying to catch any bottom fish species such as pollack and cod. They were using mackerel as bait.


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