Whitecoat Seal Pup Rescue

Cute Whitecoat Seal Pup rescued

This extremely cute Whitecoat Seal Pup was rescued today from a local beach close to Newquay Harbour. He is only about three weeks old and suffered from possiblely infected bite wounds. After ensuring there was no mother nearby and that the seal pup was truely sick Chris and I acted with our medics hat on and retrieved the gorgeous pup to be transfered by other British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics. He is a good weight so his mum has fed him extremely well so hopefuly he will make a full recovery but his progress can be checked on:

Thresher Shark bycaught in Tintagel


Thresher Shark bycaught off Tintagel 3.6m long next to Tabbie from Newquay Sea Safaris and fishing

Basking Sharks Are Back off NEWQUAY


Basking Shark Feeding Mouth Wide Open

Rare Leatherback Turtles

Rare Leatherback Turtle spotted off Atlantic Diver whilst Blue Shark Cage Diving!Leatherback Turtle takes a breath at surface and then swims back down under the sea

Fintastic Blue Shark Cage Diving off Newquay

 Yacht racing past Atlantic Diver just off Newquay

We began our Blue Shark Cage Diving Expedition on an amazing calm , hot, balmy summer's day....yes I do mean in the Newquay ...deep out to sea where 32 of our British Sharks dwell . Our Shark enthusiasts boarded "Atlantic Diver" in Newquay harbour and off we sped passing Yachts racing and Dolphins playing...this was set to be a spectacular day!

Chris prepares the Rubbie Dubbie ready to attract the Sharks to Atlantic Diver! Good job this isn't Smellivision.

Spectacular Fin Whale

Fin Whale surfacing near Atlantic Diver

Marine Protected Areas

Basking Shark ...the Second Largest Shark in the World and hereoff Newquay .. feeding on Plankton

Basking Shark off Newquay

7m Basking Shark with Dorsal Fin nik..Copyright Colin LinneBasking Shark feeding on Zoo Plankton on Reef just outside Newquay Harbour...copyright Colin Linne

Blue Shark Cage Divng

Sharks Diver watching Bottlenose Dolphins from onboard "Atlantic Diver"

The huge dark shape of the beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins caught our eye as we left Newquay harbour....lucky us!! This was to be the start of a very good few days seeing Bottlenose Dolphins ,Seals , Sunfish, Harbour Porpoise, Common Dolphins and Basking Sharks!Bottlenose Dolphins


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