Sunfish...sun fin spectacular!!

Sunfish spotted from on board Atlantic Diver

Sunshine and Dolphins

Common Dolphin...possibly long beaked from Atlantic Diver

Dolphins on Starboard Side

Tony watches Common Dolphin from Bow of" Atlantic Diver" about 20 miles from Newquay

Bumper Catch


GDiving in Newquay...more than just a tooraham one of our Divers, Dropped his line over the side and caught this bumper catch in the space of a few here we come


Farmer Stags

Stags dressed as Farmers today out on 2 hour mackerelnewqua  fishing trip


Atlantic Explorer and Atlantic Diver in Newquay Harbour on Newquay Fishing Trip and Newquay Sea SafariFarmer

Dolphin Tail Walking ..just like "Flipper"


Common Dolphin Tail Walking ..."Flipper Style" during Atlantic Diving Boat Trip off Newquay

Atlantic Diver was out on a Dive trip with Somerset divers on Sunday and came across this amazing Scene of Common Dolphins Tail Walking during what appeared to be a hunting strategy. The story has been picked up by localpress as it is such an unusual thing to see.

St Agnes VMCA Marine Discovery Day

Potting Fisherman show us a very large Edible CrabCrab from rockpool Ramble Cornwall Wildlife Trust and St Agnes VMCA gather at Travaunce Cove for Marine Discovery Day

Lundy Island Net Entangled Seal

Who Said Seals don't play togetherNet Entangled Female Weaner ( copyright Becky McDonald )


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