Tag -A-Turtle fund raising event

Loggerhead TurtleThe new Tag-A-Turtle partners the" Cornwall College Green Team" are holding a Fund Raising Event at the Mermaid pub in Newquay...see link..

Guillemots Under Threat

Hundreds of Breeding Guillemots on safety of precarious ledge

Spectacular Species

ahh fishing...perfect way to spend a day

Paul bags a cod to last!

crew man Ben with 12lb Ling

Trunk the Film Star

Trunk investigates Underwater Camera27th April Trunk  a  Grey Seal in Newquay Harbour investigating the underwater camera..she obviously wants to be a film star like medalion Man!

Underwater World comes to Newquay

Happy , busy anglers26th April 2011 The Crisp Boys are back in town Fishing from Atlantic Diver with catches of cod up to 81bs ,Wrasse, Whiting, Gurnard and at least 50 shimmering blue/green for the B-B_Q...hmmm yummy! Whilst the fishing Frenzy took place out at sea ...our new toy arrived in the guise of an underwater camera with top deck TV monitor!! Now all can share in the magic of the world which lies beneath the boat.

Fishing in Blissful April sunshine

20th April 2011 Set to sea again in glorious April sunshine..positively Tropical!! Gary caught most unusual species of the day with ling and a male Cuckoo Wrasse but plenty more came in to throw on the B_B_Q. We passed commercial fisherman Gary on route working on his boat Shannon...a Newquay potting boat. We could see glimpses of crabs and lobsters ...good catch Gary!

Seal Survey

Newquay town from the sea - April 2011

20th April ..Sun , sea and seals. A bunch of seal enthusiasts took to the high seas aboard Atlantic Diver on a stunningly hot April's day to record seals along the spectacular North Cornwall coastline.
Male, female and some gorgeous hauled out juvenile grey seals were dotted about.

Atlantic Diver photoshoot

We took the Atlantic Diver and the Bounty out into the Bay on a lovely warm spring day to have their photos took for the new website. 

Getting ready for the 2011 season

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